Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Share?

It is an equity security that represents a fraction by which any person (individual and/or legal entity) participates of the company´s capital. It´s holder becomes a shareholder and it also entitles him to an equal claim on the company´s profits. The shareholder benefits from the appreciation of the share price on the stock. Shares are named equities because their performance depends on the performance of the company and its profits, and the variations in the listing on the stock exchange.

What is an ordinary share?

It entitles the shareholder to certain participation rights in the issuer company, among them, the right to receive dividends from the company´s profits and to vote at the General Assembly meeting.

What is a preferred share?

It gives its holder a priority in payment of dividends and/or in case of dissolution of the company, the capital repayment. Preferred shares have economic prerogatives that may be cumulative, according to the statutes. However, it does not entitle to vote at the General Assembly, except when this right is specified or when special events such as the declaration of preferred dividends not occur.

BBVA Colombia´s preferred shares and no voting rights accrue a minimum preferential dividend to be set in the respective subscription regulation. In any case, the minimum preferential dividend may not be less than the dividend declared for common shares.

The preferred shares without voting rights issued until 1996, will continue to accrue minimum preferential dividend equal to 5% per annum on the subscription price of each share.

What are dividends?

It is the part of net profit that is paid periodically on each share at the end of a given fiscal year, which final assessment has been entrusted by law to the Shareholders Assembly.

What is the ex-dividend period?

According to the definition established by the Colombia Stock Exchange, is the time between the date of payment of dividends  and the 4 trading days immediately preceding the date of the dividend payment. In that period, who buys shares is not entitled to receive dividends.

In Colombia, the trading non-working days are holidays only.

What is a transfer?

It is a transaction by which a natural or legal person transfers the ownership of their share certificates to another. It can be direct or indirect.

What is the market value?

This is the value per share determined by the STOCK EXCHANGE OF COLOMBIA based on supply and demand of the shares.

What is dematerialized share?

Dematerialization: Suppression of the securities paper support.

Dematerialized Share: It is not represented physically by securities. It is represented in a record issued for the entity that provide administration services and custody of shares.

BBVA Colombia presents registered in its share book both materialized and desmaterialized shares.

What is the profitability of shares?

The yield of a share is obtained by 2 concepts:

Yield by valuation: The increase of the share value in the stock exchange.

Yield by Dividends: Consist in the distribution of the company profits betweem their shareholders.

Why does not the shares ensure a profitability?
The yield of a share can not be ensure due to that the investments in shares depend on the results obtained by the company and the behaviour of the share price in the stock exchange, given by supply and demand. However, what we can have into account as a reference are the results of the company in the last years, the growth projection and the yield of the company,the economic and politic environment and another external factors.
How to decree the Assembly dividends?
The dividend distribution is decreed annually in the General Assembly of Shareholders. The projection of the profits distribution has into account an estimate value of the dividends to distribute and the periodicity of the payment. The payment method can be unique (Dividends are required in a specific date), monthly (in that case dividends are distributed monthly), or in a specific date given by the Assembly. The project is taken to the General Assembly of Shareholders to be approbbed or modified.
What happens if the dividends are not collected?
In case that you do not collect your dividends, these will be at your disposal and these can be collected as soon as you want. However, you should have into account that the time elapsed between the payment date of the dividends and the date in which you demand it will not generate any yield.
How do I get information about my shares, amount, dividends, among other data?
You should communicate directly to the shareholders attention office (email:, phone: +57 1 312 46 66 extension 11111), or you can also present your written inquiry at any of BBVA Colombia's branch offices. Once your identity as the shareholder is checked, you will receive all the information about your holdings, pending dividends and other data that you might need.
How do I sell my shares of BBVA COLOMBIA?
Regarding a desired transfer of the shares, it is important to remember that there are two ways for doing it:   
  1. Through colombian stockbroker societies.
  2. Through direct sale to a person or legal entity outside the securities exchange, given that the value of the transaction does not exceed 66.000 UVR's*. 
To execute the transaction some documents are required by BBVA's shareholder's office:
  • A letter where the grantor, the asignee and the security which are involved in the transaction are identified, the number of shares to be transfered and the value of the transaction. That letter must be previously notarized. 
  • Original endorsed securities 
  • Photocopies of all participants' identity cards 
  • In case that the shareholder is a minor of age, the assignee or tutor should attach the documents that indicate authorization (authenticated copy of the birth certificate, and an authentic power of attorney certificated by a public notary.
  • In case that the shareholder is a legal entity, a copy of the existence and legal representation certificate no more than thirty days old and an authenticated copy of the legal representative identity document should be attached.
**UVR: The Real Value Unit is a inflation - linked currency which is calculated by Colombia´s Central Bank (Banco de la República)
What documents do I require for a transfer by succession?
Succession by direct transfer
  • Civil  registration of death of the registered shareholder. 
  • Civil registration of marriage, whether the person who  demand is the surviving spouse of the deceased shareholder.
  • Judicial declaration over the existence of the marital union resulting from cohabitation, if the claimant is the permanent companion.
  • Civil birth registration, in the case that the demanding person is the son, brother, mother and / or shareholder's father .
  • Two (2) notarized declarations by people who have known the deceased shareholder and petitioners in which should appear the name of the people that they said they have known, the facts they have witnessed, ignorance of existence of another people with the same or better right to demand the Bank's shares of the deceased holder and they have known that he deceased holder did not have testament or an assets administrator of the succession.
  • Written request lead to the Bank, signed for the people who demand the transfer of the shares, in which it should appear the record of the recognition content and an authentication of signatures by a otary, judge or police inspector.
  • Original securities.
  • Photocopies of the identity cards of the beneficiaries.                            
Succession by judicial o notarial process
  • Copy of the identity card of the heirs, legal representative or the assignee, according ot he case.
  • Authenticated copy of the public deed, in which should be identified the securities awarded to the heirs, and in the same way the issuer should be determined and the assigned value per share.
  • Judicial ruling of succession.
  • Existence certificate and representation issued for Chamber of commerce, in the case of a society or the document that corresponds for certificate this existence, wheter it corresponds to another entity.
  • Original Security
  • Written request to the Bank, signed by the people who demand the transfer of the shares, in which it should appear the record of the recognition content and an authentication signatures to the notary, judge or police inspector.


What is the BBVA Colombia's Ratings?
Updated international and national ratings can be found into the website, at the Investor Relations page under the link "Ratings".