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Más información

Share Information

  • As of March 31st, 2022 the Bank has 65.160 shareholders. 
  • The Bank's authorized capital stands at COP $645.000.000.000, divided into 103.365.384.615 shares. Non-subscribed shares (in reserve) amount to 88.977.695.544. 
  • The share capital is divided into 14.387.689.071 shares, of which 13.907.929.071 are ordinary and 479.760.000 are shares with minimum preferred dividend and non-voting rights. 
  • The BBVA Colombia's share is traded on the Colombian Stock Exchange. For information regarding the share price please access the following websites: or


Dividend Payment

The Shareholders' Meeting of BBVA Colombia held on March 16, 2022 approved the distribution of profits corresponding to the year 2021 and the payment of dividends amounting to $31 per share, both for ordinary and non-voting preferential shares, which will be paid in cash in two installments at a rate of 15.50 pesos on June 16, 2022 and 15.50 pesos on October 13, 2022 respectively. According to the payment dates, the ex-dividend periods will have place between June 10to 15, 2022 for the first payment, and October 7 and October 12, 2022 for the second payment.


It must be presented:

  • Original (s) of the title (s) corresponding to the shares.
  • ID document: ID for natural persons and Copy of the first certified page of the RUT (Single Tax Registry) for legal persons.
  • Certificate from Cámara de Comercio (Legal Entities) whose issuance date does not exceed 30 calendar days.
  • Letter of authorization and photocopy of the authenticated citizenship card (For payments to third parties).
  • Letter of authorization from the shareholder to credit the account.