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investor relations

Investor Relations

Atención al inversionista

IR Recognition

BBVA Colombia has the IR Issuer Recognition granted by the Bolsa Valores de Colombia.
The Issuer Recognition - IR granted by the BVC is not a certification about the goodness of the registered values or about the solvency of the issuer. More information
BVC issuer

Corporate Governance

Access documents comprising the Corporate Governance System and other relevant information on the subject.

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BBVA Colombia enables a new contact channel for stakeholders in order to keep them up to date on important matters.

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BBVA Research

Learn more about relevant economic studies.

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Corporate Responsibility

View details on our different Corporate Responsibility programs

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Debt Investors

Find out information about our current debt programs.

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The Share

Consult important information about the share traded on the Colombian Securities Exchange.

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Risk Rating

View BBVA Colombia´s Ratings.

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Business Model

Access to general information regarding BBVA Group and BBVA Colombia.

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Significant Events

Access relevant information regularly transmitted to the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (Colombian Banking Authority).

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Find out the dates of important events and related documents.

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Find out information regarding annual and quarterly reports, notes on the financial statements and other related documents

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Other information of interest

Become acquainted about data allied to the human capital and social management, and the supply-suppliers chain arrangement.

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What is a Share?

 It's a variable-yield security that provides a fraction by which any person (individual or legal entity) participates in the share capital of the issuing company, converting it into a Shareholder and giving it a share in the company's profits. Moreover, shareholders get benefits for the valuation of the stock price in the Stock Exchange. It is called variable income because its profitability depends on the performance of the company and its profits generated, and variations in the price of the property on the stock market.

How do I sell my shares of BBVA COLOMBIA?

Regarding the sale of shares, it's worth mentioned that there are two ways for doing it:   

1. Through colombian stockbroker societies.

2. Through direct sale to a person or legal entity outside the securities exchange, given that the value of the transaction does not exceed 66.000 UVR's*. 

To execute the transaction some documents are required by BBVA's shareholder's office:

What is an common share?

Common shares receive the economic benefits of the company and have voting rights in the general shareholders’ meeting.

What are dividends?

It's the part of net profit that is paid periodically on each share at the end of a given fiscal year, which final assessment has been entrusted by law to the general shareholders' meeting.

What is the ex-dividend period?

According to the definition established by the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia, is the time between the date of dividend payment and the 4 trading days immediately preceding the date of the dividend payment. In that period, who buys shares has not right to receive dividends.

In Colombia, trading non-working days are holidays only.

What is a convey?

It is a transaction by which a natural or legal person transfers the ownership of their share certificates to another. It can be direct or indirect.

What is the face value?

It's the value per share to be set at the time of issuance.

What is the market value?

It's the value per share determined by the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia based on supply and demand of the shares.


Investor Relations


Where can I find BBVA Colombia's Financial Statements?

At BBVA Colombia's website ( you will find the direct link to "Investor Relarions", Financials section:

  • Consolidated Annual Reports 
  • Consolidated Quarterly Reports

What is the difference between Separate Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements?

Separate Financial Statements present the results of BBVA Colombia in individual operation. Consolidated financial statements present the results of BBVA Colombia and its subsidiaries: BBVA Asset Management and BBVA Valores.

Under which accounting standards are the Financial Statements prepared?

Individual and consolidated Financial Statements are elaborated under Full IFRS according to the guidelines of the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (Colombia Superintendence of Finance), legal supervisor of BBVA's activities in Colombia.

When will the next conference on quarterly results be?

At BBVA Colombia's website ( you will find the direct link to "Investor Relations", Agenda, the calendar of events that will take place in our company.

Where can I find BBVA Colombia's quarterly Financial Results Presentations?

At BBVA Colombia's website ( you will find the direct link to "Investor Relations", you will find BBVA's Agenda, where we post each quarterly results presentation, as well as the recorded audio and the corresponding transcript.

What is the BBVA Colombia's Ratings?

Updated international and national ratings can be found into the website, at the Investor Relations page under the link "Ratings".




Where can I contact if I have an urgent concern about a product?

The customer service team resolve your doubts, queries about operations or products and receive the specialized attention you need through our customer service channels. Bogotá 4010000, Medellin 4938300, Cali 8892020 and Barranquilla 3503500

Where can I check the offered rates of a product?

Where can I check what products the Bank offers?

You can find in the link to individuals, or to legal entities

Can I simulate a payment plan for a product?

You can find the simulator of your interest in the link

What are the collections policies?