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Investor Relations


Where can I find BBVA Colombia's Financial Statements?

At BBVA Colombia's website ( you will find the direct link to "Investor Relarions", Financials section:

  • Consolidated Annual Reports 
  • Consolidated Quarterly Reports

What is the difference between Separate Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements?

Separate Financial Statements present the results of BBVA Colombia in individual operation. Consolidated financial statements present the results of BBVA Colombia and its subsidiaries: BBVA Asset Management and BBVA Valores.

Under which accounting standards are the Financial Statements prepared?

Individual and consolidated Financial Statements are elaborated under Full IFRS according to the guidelines of the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (Colombia Superintendence of Finance), legal supervisor of BBVA's activities in Colombia.

Where can I find BBVA Colombia's quarterly Financial Results Presentations?

At BBVA Colombia's website ( you will find the direct link to "Investor Relations", you will find BBVA's Agenda, where we post each quarterly results presentation, as well as the recorded audio and the corresponding transcript.

What is the BBVA Colombia's Ratings?

Updated international and national ratings can be found into the website, at the Investor Relations page under the link "Ratings".

What documents do I require for a transfer by succession?

Succession by direct transfer

•Civil death certificate of the shareholder. 

•Civil marriage certificate, whether the person who  demand is the surviving spouse of the shareholder.

•Judicial declaration over the existence of the marital union resulting from cohabitation, if the claimant is the permanent companion.

•Civil birth registration, in the case that the demanding person is the son, brother, mother and / or shareholder's father .

•Two (2) notarized declarations by people who have known the deceased shareholder and petitioners in which should appear the name of the people that they said they have known,