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Become acquainted about data allied to the human capital and social management, and the supply-suppliers chain arrangement.

Learn about data related to the Bank's management in different areas

At BBVA, our employees are the cornerstone of our internal culture. Thanks to our team, our cultural values defined by the Group, principles, and practices, we have continued to make progress in transformation

Campaign Workers Development

Throughout 2021, BBVA Colombia reach the promotion of the 27% of the collaborators, guaranteeing gender equality, where 13% of the workers corresponds to the female gender, and the other 14% to the male gender.

Long-term incentives for employees

The bank will recognize a seniority bonus for employees who complete 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service, as follows:

For employees who complete 30, 35 and 40 years in the company, an additional vacation period and an additional vacation bonus are awarded.

Human Capital Management (PDF)

At BBVA , we have implemented a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System to comply with current legal regulations and ensure a safe working environment for our employees.

Accident indicators by gender in (CORTE) 2022

Staff selection and attraction policy

Policy available in spanish. Review it here

BBVA integrates the principles of its policies into its relationship with the supply chain and suppliers, providing complete and transparent information in the procurement processes.

Get acquainted of the Supply and Vendors chain arrangement in BBVA Colombia

Supply and Vendors chain arrangement (PDF)

BBVA considers that the key of the future in an increasingly globalized world, is in reconciling the economic, social and environmental dimensions in an harmonic and balanced sustainable development model.

In order to integrate the environmental factors in our strategy, our management and our activity, BBVA Colombia has a policy called “Política de Gestión Ambiental” that has integral nature that reflects the commitment of our group with the respect to the environment and the efficiency in the use of natural resources in all the aspects of our activity.

A commitment based on the belief that it is possible to reconcile economic activity and sustainable development. That belief is reflected in a responsible behavior with the natural environment  of all our collaborators.

Review our Policy and other documents that we have available in spanish here

At BBVA, achieving superior risk management capability is a key element in fostering growth.